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Our experience.

We offer to our clients legal representation in courts and out-of-court legal assistance in the field of patents, trademarks, design, domain names, unfair competition, designation of origin, protection of confidential information, advertising and marketing.



We represent our clients before ordinary Courts (Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court), in administrative procedures (e.g., before EUIPO), or before arbitration tribunals. Over the course of their careers, our professionals have gained significant experience in the alternative dispute resolution stage (ADR). Litigation is sought only when strictly necessary.


Contracts and opinions.

We assist you in every aspect of business activity: from the establishment of innovative start-ups to the drafting of legal opinions or contracts for licensing, distribution, franchising and co-marketing which are necessary for the growth and development of your business.


And GED-ip?

GED-ip, through GED-lex, offers its clients many other services, and not only in the field of industrial and intellectual property. For more information visit:

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