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What is a trademark?

A trademark allows companies and individuals to identify and render their products/services more attractive, by distinguishing them from those of competitors and protecting the trademark proprietor against counterfeits. A trademark can be potentially of unlimited duration, but its protection is limited to a specific territory: in the case of national trademarks, the trademark protection applies only within a single country (e.g., Italy).


What is a European Union trademark? or an international trademark?

A European Union trademark is a monopoly right that ensures protection throughout all 27 Members States through the filing of one application. On the basis of a national or European trademark registration, a single procedure administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is available to register the same trademark in the other 97 countries belonging to the so-called Madrid System, or extend the protection to UK in the aftermath of Brexit.


What protection does a trademark offer?

A trademark enables its owner to distinguish against competitors and defend its trademark against imitations for 10 years starting from the first registration, which is renewable for an indefinite number of times thereafter.


And what about GED-ip?

GED-ip performs for you: worldwide trademark researches, monitoring, applications and renewals of national (UIBM), European (EUIPO) and international (WIPO) trademarks. We assist our clients in the creation and management of distinctive signs, in addition to supporting, representing and defending clients against opposition or counterfeit.

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