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What is a design?

Design right is a property right that guarantees an exclusivity on the visual appearance of an article (or a part of it), under different aspects such as: the shape, the configuration, the traits, the drawings, the structure, the materials, the ornament and colours. By article we mean any industrial or craft product, including components of a complex product, packaging, samples, graphic symbols or typographic characters.


What is an EU design?

An EU or European design provides its holder, by means of a single registration, a monopoly right extended to all 27 Member States.


What protection do designs offer?

Registered designs grant their holder a monopoly right for 5 years from the date of the first filing, which can be extended every 5 years for a maximum of 5 times, provided that the renewal or extension fees are promptly paid.


And what about GED-ip?

GED-ip performs: worldwide design researches, monitoring, applications and renewals of national (UIBM), European (EUIPO) and international (WIPO) designs. We assist our clients in the creation and management of designs, in addition to supporting, representing and defending clients against opposition or counterfeit.

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