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What is a patent?

A patent gives the holder a right to a monopoly over the invention revealed in it. A patent is a protection for an invention and it permits the holder to exploit a technological innovation – a product or a process – that provides a new solution to a technical problem which has not yet been addressed or solved.


What is a utility model?

Many consider a utility model 'a small invention'. A utility model is obtained every time an existing product is made more effective and/or easier to use than the ones according to prior art.


What else is patentable?

A new plant variety is also patentable. This means a plant grouping within a single botanical taxon of the lowest known rank, on condition that the plant variety can be distinguished from any other plant grouping and presents the same characteristics with respect to the other species of the same plant variety.


What degree of protection do patents offer?

A patent confers to its holder the exclusive right to prevent or stop third parties from producing, using, marketing, selling or importing the patented product or the product directly obtained with the process in question. However, this right is territorially and temporally limited.


And what about GED-ip ?

GED-ip performs for you: worldwide patent researches, drafts, filing patent applications and extensions of national (UIBM), European (EPO) and international (WIPO) patents, as well as patent monitoring, survey and prosecution, in addition to supporting, representing and defending clients against counterfeit.

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